After your solution seemed to work, I thought that we should update the Launchpad bug on this topic which can be found here: There seems to be a problem serving the request at this time. Skip to main content. The only trick is to switch in compatibility mode in the bios. I changed no parameters in the BIOS, it was a matter of the bootloader on the usb. Therefore, it seems to be something happening when you boot into Ubuntu that is causing the problem. Intel Atom N 1.

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Therefore, it seems to be something ng300/nb305 when you boot into Ubuntu that is causing the problem. How many hours does everyone get out of their battery when running ubuntu?

I’m going to look around now and see if there is a software solution to allow for suspend and dynamic cpu scaling. Boot without hanging Working! I recently bought a Nb300/hb305 and installed Ubuntu instantly of course. I would have expected more battery life, not less. That’s a bit disappointing.

mini notebook NBN Support | Toshiba

Also, I ended up just leaving my screen brightness at the lowest setting, I don’t really need to adjust it. Recovery disks for Toshiba NBK. Hibernate works, Sleep works. Am I missing something? Just as an FYI.


Toshiba Mini Notebook NB300 NB305 XP Ericsson Wireless Manager Drivers Download

I recently got a Toshiba NB the brand new model and being of an wired ethernet, though it notebiok to recognize the driver, should. The Toshiba was designed to run Windows 7; that’s what it wants. For me, reaaltek single most pressing issue will be getting sleep working, following that, control over screen brightness and so on would be nice. That was a good idea compiling using the build instructions from jolicloud.

I can’t get my mouse to work and everything I have read says that I need to switch to windows to enable it also. FN volume controls worked. I did exactly as is described here: I have not changed eealtek kernel. My wife uses the webcam a lot and I will tell her not to upgrade if that is the case. Other programs that stress the sound system will cause this sudden distortion.

It made no difference. Make sure that at the login screen you choose “Ubuntu Classic desktop no effects ” from the session menu at the bottom of the screen.

Not very interested in the hibernate function, but to be able to shut the lid and not use up my batt would be awesome! But I see the same issue as nb300/nb3305 do with hibernate. However, I get the impression from posts and that installing the 2.


Preparing to enter system sleep state S3 Apr 27 After about a minute I sometimes get this: I’m a new user of ubuntu but been playing with it for a month now I have a NB with 2gb ram. So at least for me, I don’t really have any issues anymore. On resume the messages in the buffer get written to disk with the time they were transferred to disk A complete factory reset solution supplied by Driver Disk Numus Software.

From the time the led began blinking I waited approximately sixty seconds and then opened the laptop lid and pressed the power button once, pressing no other buttons until audil system awoke and I was prompted to give my password. I just got the nbnBL model and had the same weak wireless signal with frequent drops