I don’t see “Tomorrow,we should have edgy daily ISO’s with this new kernel. I hope to hear from ya’ll soon! I can also confirm it. The SATA drive spins up as expected but won’t show up in the Disk utility, just the adapter itself is shown. One of the most important components in a custom build is the graphics card. From what I’m gathering, I may have to re-install XP and do a hands on install of the JMicron driver at some point in the installation process, but I don’t have a floppy drive to pull this move off.

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That is only the next official release, I would hope that there would be a nightly as stated above that includes the fix. It turns out that JMicron didn’t have anything to do with this problem after all.

The jmicron does not give drive stats but comes up as udma6 whereas the aya controller lists as udma5 with drive stats But they have to be appended to the kernel line without “”. I’ve also tried Xubuntu 7.

JMicron Problem? | Tech Support Guy

Some chip implementations seem to not work well with MSI. This pending upload fixes it, it’s jmivron not mentioned in the changelog: Fistly, I must say, what a nice community.


At the second try I was able to start the Live version, there I selected Install and all went well.

The time now is I hope to hear from ya’ll soon! I know it’s a lot to ask, but I really want to get this right the first time.

In stead i had to disconnect the hard discs that was connected to the ICH8 controller and install on the hard disc connected to the jmicron controller. Please add jmiceon to your APT sources and install manually to test this kernel.

I powered the IDE drives with an external brick which has a molex connector on the other end. Jul 1, Messages: What he means by the double booked is that the sata controllers are also on the jmicron controller so they are on both controllers making them double booked.

I consider this for the dapper point release if someone can actually give some feedback about the kernel in dapper-proposed? Ok, unfortunately, same problem here I’m really unhappy as i haven’t been able to put a linux distro on my new comp since i built it last year.


JMicron Problem?

Doing a search on the forum for “P” bring up more issues each day. I’ve read lots of threads on this issue, but I have to say that the terminology was way over my head. January 3rd, 4. Share this post Link to post Share on other sites.

Bridge Controller

Something weird with usb there is, because on all graphical installers I’ve tried Fedora, Mandriva etc. Some of what I don’t know: I’ll work on getting this resolved as quickly as possible. Posted November 15, Not an elegant solution but good for the desperate.

Printer problems sphhpsDec 20,in forum: Marcus Fischer elyps wrote on I confirm it as well.

Thomas Hotz thotz-deactivatedaccount wrote atta If you’re building a CustoMac, it’s an especially tric So, I’ve managed to install a retail OSX I try today daily build.