The equivalent RNA sequence also includes in addition to the coding region, regions such as 5 ‘-untranslated region, 3 ‘-untranslated region, introns, intron-exon junction and the like in HBV. By “amberzyme” motif is meant, a class I enzymatic nucleic acid molecule comprising a motif as described herein and in Beigelman et al, International PCT publication No. Lorenz et al, , Am J. MetAP-2 expression correlates with cellular growth. In addition, hybridization probes and primers are described as inhibitors of telomerase gene function. Pharmacol, 13, ; biodegradable polymers, such as poly DL-lactide-coglycolide microspheres for sustained release delivery after intracerebral implantation Emerich, DF et al, , Cell Transplant, 8, Alkermes, Inc. Such ribozymes with enzymatic activity are equivalent to the ribozymes described specifically in the Tables.

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The nucleic acid molecules ofthe present invention are modified extensively to enhance stability by modification with nuclease resistant groups, for example, 2′-amino, 2′- C-allyl, 2′-flouro, 2′-O-methyl, 2′-H for a review see Usman and Cedergren,TIBS 17, 34; Usman et al,Nucleic Acids Symp. The standard duration of IFN-alpha therapy is 16 weeks, however, the optimal treatment length is still poorly defined.

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Swedish type amyloid precursor protein expressing cells via lipid mediated transfection. Alternatively, certain ofthe nucleic acid molecules ofthe instant invention can be expressed within cells from eukaryotic promoters e.

Analysis of digested peptide fragments from the isolated protein revealed MetAP-2 as the covalently bound substrate. Insulin like growth factor I and growth hormone receptor stimulation for promotion of physiologic hypertrophy. Such nucleic acid molecules can include sequences as shown for the binding arms ofthe enzymatic nucleic acid molecules in Tables31, 33, 34,56, 58, 59, 62, The method of synthesis used followed the procedure for normal RNA synthesis as described above and in Usman et al.


However, if HBsAg remains positive for 20 weeks or longer, the person is likely to remain positive indefinitely and is now a carrier. Transmission is also possible via tattooing, ear or body piercing. Hepatitis B is generally self-limiting and will resolve in approximately 6 months. The equivalent RNA sequence also includes in addition to the coding region, regions such as 5 ‘-untranslated region, 3 ‘-untranslated region, introns, intron-exon junction and the like in HBV.

Nonlimiting examples of agents suitable for formulation with the nucleic acid molecules ofthe instant invention include: The resulting venous back- pressure results in peripheral and pulmonary dysfunctional congestion. The cap may be present at the 5′-terminus 5′-cap or at the 3′-terminal 3′- cap or may be present on both termini.

Molecular basis of heart disease: The antisense oligonucleotide binds to target RNA by Watson Crick base-pairing and blocks gene expression by preventing ribosomal translation ofthe bound sequences either by steric blocking or by activating RNase H lcam.

In general, enzymatic dc–4130 acids act by first binding to a target RNA. NM and prioritizing the sites on the basis of folding. Current treatment strategies for cardiac disease associated failure are varied. Arrow indicates the site of cleavage.

However, currently there are no in vitro cell-lines that can be infected by HBV. Such an approach has been used to report infracellular ribozyme activity against HBV zu Putlitz, et al,J.

Particular degenerative and disease states that can be associated with BACE expression modulation include but are not limited to Alzheimer’s disease and dementia. More preferably it is a lower alkyl of from 1 to 7 carbons, more preferably 1 to 4 carbons.

Those skilled in the art will recognize that other ifam such as anti-diabetes and anti-obesity compounds and therapies can be similarly be readily combined with the nucleic acid molecules ofthe instant invention e.


The treatment of patients with nucleic acid molecules may also include combinations of different types of nucleic acid molecules. Digoxin, Bendrofluazide, Dofetilide, and Carvedilol are non-limiting examples of pharmaceutical agents that can be combined with or used in conjunction with the nucleic acid molecules e.

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Technologies and Commercial Opportunities, Decision Resources, Phosphorylation ofthe insulin receptor’s triple tyrosine residues in the kinase domain is necessary for PTP-IB interaction. Helix 1, 4 or 5 may also be extended by 2 or more base pairs e.

WO2001016312A2 – Nucleic acid based modulators of gene expression – Google Patents

Injection of nude mice icaj cells expressing these oncogenes and hTERT resulted in rapid growth of tumors. Synthesis of nucleic acids greater than nucleotides in length is difficult using automated methods, and the therapeutic cost of such molecules is prohibitive.

HH Rz, represents hammerhead ribozyme motif Usman et al,Curr. That is, the enzymatic nucleic acid molecule is able to intermolecularly cleave RNA and ica inactivate a target RNA molecule.

As an initial screen, assays are carried out for 1 hour at o 37 C using a final concentration of either 40 nM or 1 mM ribozyme, i.