As for NFV, we are working with many customers in the telecom industry. Further, it also includes management services needed for providing life cycle management of virtual machines and VNFs. December 28, Analysis National. What are the complexities with respect to NFV deployment in telecom? The fact that someone from the EU was giving the keynote at a Telecom show in Asia…. What is the purpose of your visit and India opportunity for Wind River?

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This can help service providers in a big way to maintain the quality of service as they move to NFV solutions. Another key feature to ensure QoS, is the ability to scale out the application by adding CPU cores and memory to an existing application.

Glenn Seiler

What are the complexities with respect to NFV deployment in telecom? As for NFV, we are working with many customers in the telecom industry.

Taking place in Amsterdam today and tomorrow, this event brings together service providers, carriers, software and hardware vendors, ISVs and everyone else involved in the open source in mobile seiker. Services are now developed in software, rather than both hardware and software as done previously.

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One customer worth mentioning would be HP. By maintaining services in software, they are more easily managed and provisioned, and this reduces maintenance costs.


It includes the entire virtual infrastructure and management components required to manage virtualized services, including storage networking and computation.

Of recent, we are seeing the convergence of NFV and IoT, fundamentally because IoT requires a reliable and high performing network to ensure that data collected from the sensor or device are consistently delivered to the cloud platform. Additionally, there are challenges around performance when moving from older non-virtualized solutions.

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And of course this is…. In addition, we have an Edge Swiler System which serves as the focal point for receiving data from devices and sensors. These include our Linux and VxWorks operating systems that are used in devices and sensors.

The first two presenters were from. For the automotive market, we have a number of different services which primarily provides in-car entertainment solution and a much of it are custom designed for auto manufacturer.

For many members that were previously very active in the…. In the automotive space, we work with major manufacturers in Europe, North America and Japan. We are currently in discussion with several Indian service providers.

Glenn Seiler, Wind River Systems, Inc.

Green Linux and Green Telecom — Where do they intersect? Wind River Real-Time Core 5. Nice article even i use moto phone i really enjoy using it…. Will be glenb year for mass adoption of Linux in smart phones? Moblin and Linux Foundation — A Mature Move If you have been following the Moblin project at all, then you probably know that recently the Linux Foundation announced they will be hosting the Moblin open source project, which was previously hosted directly by Intel.


It basically aggregates multiple devices, using multiple protocols and acts as a gateway. These systems cannot winrriver replaced. The event was hosted by Huawei at their corporate headquarters in…. This aggregates and delivers the IoT data to management services in the Cloud; provides data for analytical machines, enterprise resource and other application decision solutions. Share this post Tweet.

This was a two-day event that included discussions on the latest developments wkndriver the project, some of the new standards that have been defined by the Service Availability Forum and the project’s road map glejn for the next release. It is spring now, the hills around Silicon Valley are bright and green and everything in the yard is in full bloom. Green, green, everything is green.

One of the nicest things about NFV is its ability to provide agility in services.