Answer to this FAQ: Reattach the battery access panel. Published by David Maldonado. Your email address will not be published. This is done through the Storage Manager Client.

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Controller slides right out. AIX multipath rdqc DS In this example, failing Controller B will fail over all of its associated array groups to Controller A.

When removing the fiber cables, keep them identified so that you have some way of reseating them in the correct order later on.

Insert the Controller back into its slot. The default settings on a DS with firmware Such an AIX volume group might be varied on and accessed by other initiators and even other host systems in this case!

The following examples are a small subset of the connectivity configurations that are supported using the DS Answer to this FAQ: The values are as follows: The levers will catch. This policy edac the SCSI2 reserve to lock the device to a single initiator pathand commands routed through any other path result in a reservation conflict.

AIX MPIO and SDDPCM multipath options with DS,DS,DS 常见问题解答_百度文库

Leave a Reply Cancel reply Your email address will not be published. Published by David Maldonado. The connector is keyed so that there is only one way to attach the harness to the connector. Notify me of new posts by email.


I would not wish this on anyone. Reconnect the fiber and network exactly as it was before.

Therefore, configure a minimum of four paths for each LUN with two host adapter ports and two storage controller ports where each host adapter port has redundancy to each storage controller port and vice versa. Your email address will not be published. Three on each side. The way this bug rdzc described to me was — if you have Hitachi drives with older firmware than FQ8 — as soon as you reseat your controller rdzc all of your Hitachi drives will show up as failed.

PCM does not allow you to select an algorithm that could cause thrashing.

Upgrading the drive firmware to FQ8 will prevent this problem. And upgrade if necessary. The final screw on the battery access panel will allow access to the failed battery.

Techdocs: Instructions to convert DS disks from MPIO to AIX_fcparray(RDAC).

It is supported with DS firmware 6. Once Controller B is failed. Specifically, it displays information about the frame subsystemincluding the frame’s assigned name and worldwide name, and a list of hdisks only those currently rdzc the Available state associated with that subsystem, including the hdisk name, LUN number, current ownership, preferred path, and the user-assigned label for that volume.


It can be removed.

Replace a Cache Controller Battery on an IBM DS4300

This is drac is in accordance with the current T10 standards for the persistent reservations command set, but preserves compatibility with the legacy implementation. This is in accordance with the current T10 standards for the persistent reservations command de4300. I usually label them prior to removal. If you read enough IBM release notes, this text will be familiar to you: DS family products interoperability matrix http: One zone contains an HBA port and controller port from controller A.

Push to lock them back in place.