We reported this issue to Dell and I got the following response from one of their testers: I also updated the bios and all the chipset drivers. I didn’t try it from our DC yet, but I can try that. Log in to post comments. There was one post for the nic issue may be fixed in the latest bios:.

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I have confirmed that port isn’t blocked on our network and it is in the “listening” state when I run a “netstat -an” on the workstation. I guess Intel’s site would be the first post of call?

I am on Landesk 8. Reset the CMOS with jumper and by physically removing the battery. First Technology By binky in forum General Chat. Correct Answers – 20 points. Skip to main content. I followed the steps, but they didn’t seem to make any difference. Report a bug Atlassian News. Right now, I am just trying to take Landesk out of the picture all together by using SMB mode and I still am not able to access the AMT web gui from another workstation on the same subnet.

I have since found that it was in fact a hardware problem with my test workstation. It is March 30,and I am on a Dell Optiplex – less than 2 years old July manufactuare date ; still under warranty.

AMT support in my Optiplex 755

There is no “features control” that I tecjnology see here. I can also telnet to that port on the workstation without getting a “connect failed” message back, which tells me the port is open and listening.


You don’t have JavaScript enabled. The hostname is set to match the computer name in the AMT configs.

AMT support in my Optiplex I opti;lex up the system, press ctrl-p to get into to the extended bios, create a new admin password, but it looks like all I have access to do is change the power policy. You can then copy off the files from the machine or make a ghost image of it and then reboot and do a fresh install.

One lesson here might be, if it “works,” don’t “fix it. After RIS ‘ing the machines, It still had an error in device manager which went away after installing a driver that contained the AMT software.

For example Chris;1; works, but don’t use that, it’s mine. Its part of the vPro feature set, Business PCs: I didn’t try it from our DC yet, but I can try that. You can also do things like monitoring just about everything remotely, run virus scans, force updates and so on. Anyone know a way of getting rid of this? Any suggestions you have would be greatly appreciated.

Thanks for the post. This is a known problem with the Optiplex and the Intel network controller – here’s the workaround we got from Dell until mqnagement BIOS update is released to resolve it: This includes a work-around for network connectivity problems we are seeing on Dell Optiplex and Dell Optiplex desktop computers.


Intel Active Management Technology Status: Disa | Ivanti User Community

When I did this in a new I could set the hostname, IP and a bunch of other stuff. It sounds good in theory but does anyone have inteo documentation to hand before I go for a trawl on the web looking for info? Apparently you only get the full set of functions if you specifiy that you want the management chip when you order it: I’ve Googled this ‘technology’, and can see what it is for, but is of any use to me in a school, and if it is, how the feck do I enable it?!?!

At this point, if you are seeing this problem, it feels like a hardware issue, so I’m glad to hear the Dell is replacing your hardware for you.

When I click “Extended System Details,”: You are the second person to have problems with teh Dell in the last two days.