With its Prescott compatibilities this board can run any skt processor, many of which can compete with the other, more exciting processors out there. Once its here we plan on getting some faster memory and really testing the limits of this mainboard. There have been many variations of this board, like the P4C It is layed out in a confusing way and some of the most important features are either tucked away or made to be less accessible than normal. There are also two connectors for the IDE drives and one for a floppy drive.

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The box itself protected the MB motherboard well and is very informative. The variations between each are generally very slight- normally changes in jetwork northbridge, soutbridge, or included accessories, etc.

This means prices are falling even though the performance of socket hardware is still very close to that of other platforms. There are four memory slots making pp4p800se a maximum of 8gb of memory, not that you could ever need that much.

After this point we slackened the memory timings from to 2. This the is the last board in an evolution of skt boards that have been around since the inception of the P4. In this range we ran the CPU at stock voltage, and the memory at 1.

There have been many variations of this board, like the P4C For this reason we gave skt one more try when we chose to build our most recent test computer.


ASUS P4P SE, Socket , Intel (P4PSEPACK) Motherboard | eBay

Note the board does not come included with Firewire compatibility. Under normal circumstances we found this MB to be very easy to work with, stable, and quite speedy, especially in booting up and shutting down. Second, by L4p800se, the computer set our memory at a lazy 2. These modules are super fast and should be able to run up to and FSB speed of mhz.

This site may earn affiliate commissions from the links on this page. The last part of our testing was overclocking the system.

ASUS P4P800 SE, Socket 478, Intel (P4P800SE-10PACK) Motherboard

This can be done without leaving the comfort of Windows. It tells the user a lot about the P4l800se, all of which will will soon go over. At this point we put the audio jacks into the wrong sockets in the back of the computer, which is odd because they are color-coded.

At networo time we found another AI feature, AiUpdate. With this setting we raised the FSB all the way up tothough at one point we did raise the vcore. Here you can see the socket and the northbridge cooler. Also the capacitors along the left side of the processor top of the picture are close, but do no interfere with any HSF we tried out.

P4P SE | ASUS Global

They are nicely situated about two inches below the memory. It is layed out in a confusing way and some of the most important features are either tucked away or made to be less accessible than normal. The main adjustments, time, date, boot order, and so forth are the first to be seen, which nice, but seems to be catering towards the new computer users again.


There is not much else to say- this was one of the smoothest installations I have ever conducted. For what it is the P4P SE is a very solid board with only a few minor faults and no major problems. It can do so from a file you have downloaded or straight from an Asus FTP. Once the initial setup was complete we started tinkering around. We quickly realized that it was time to invested in a new northbridge cooler- we actually have on its way, the Northpole from MicroCool.

This is a nice feature and prevent the board from possibly slipping out or being accidentally removed.

Here is the motherboard, boxed, as we received it. With this superb memory we overclocked the system in increments of 2mhz from up to Netwkrk you are used to the BIOS it is not bad to work with, but it takes some time, especially if you are used to a more standard layout. The 12v power connector was located in a somewhat strange spot, below and to the left of the processor but this azus not a problem, though aesthetically it is not the best spot.