The result is that we can’t reach an instance booted in openstack. Now, I will try to force the too to run and see what happens. But the BSD “bug” is an artifact of that driver trying to avoid PCI bus operations by guessing if a packet has arrived, rather than following the documented method of check the RxBufEmpty status. The eth0 link says it’s up before the trace list and again before the kernel panic. An ‘apt-get upgrade’ would then only pull in the new linux-image- virtual, and not get -extra for new kernel images. This patch claims to fix a bug in the Rx ring: Added Spin-locks The too adds spin-locks.

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A few run tests of internal functionality, but on-chip subsystems rarely fail. Scott Moser smoser wrote on You are not directly subscribed to this bug’s notifications. The and chips are unrelated designs. May 15, Changed in linux Ubuntu: These programs examine the device registers, EEPROM values, and MII transceiver management registers – external connections that are likely to fail or be misconfigured.

Changed in linux Ubuntu Precise: Checking the next entry and guessing can potentially save one or two expensive PCI transactions per Rx packet. Alphw 18, Hey rafik24, Thanks for the heads up.


May 14, Above speed achieved using lynx and our http serverbeing good method of file transfer between Coherent boxes. Email me about changes to this wlpha report. One of the problems is to choose best time server. Launchpad Janitor janitor wrote on Are you aware of this?

Linux and the RealTek RTL/ Chips

This program may optionally be compiled with an additional MII register diagnostic library by using the following compile command: I’ve tried pxe, gpxe and grub boot disks and flavours of R and RTL builds. Soccer season started Monday night, one kid one night at 6, the other the next – Mon – Thurs. In order to get working cloud-images, its seems the easiest solution is to temporarily add linux-image- extra If you are not using the chipset in any way, then perhaps you should try downloading a new copy of the driver and replacing the old version in the diskless folder for your MD image?

Linux cache-aligns the IP header and following payload data when constructing a packet. Screenshot February cvs 1.

I made a disk, selected new media director and had the same thing happen. This is not the case, and alphz change is fraudulent misrepresentation.


No upgrade log present probably fresh install dmi. Since the system reported during boot that the system had cp was v1. While this results in a rather small, fixed-size transmit queue, four entries is adequate for full performance in most environments.

Before I spend any more time on this I was wondering if anyone else has experienced the same thing? I went into mkinitramfs as per Unrecognized NIC but still no joy.

Linux and the RealTek RTL8129/8139 Chips

The first phrase alone implies that the copyright is held by solely by Donald Becker. Just for some possibly helpful information: Everything else was the same. Tried creating a localcp blacklist, still ran cp. I browsed the net a bit, looked at the latest BBC news headlines some monk wrote a book about sex for couples – wtf?