To find out more, including how to control cookies, see here: Automatic updates Improve the performance and reliability of your PCs and printers with automatic firmware and driver updates. The SA build Agent can also be installed on a bare metal server that contains no operating system, the Build agent runs in memory and communicates with the SA core basically waiting for provisioning instructions. The private device groups are only visible to the group creator. From SA client, you can upload a script, set it up to run simultaneously across multiple UNIX or windows servers, and monitor it as it executes on each server. A core can run on a single server, or the core components can be distributed across multiple physical server to increase performance. You can install it on PCs from other manufacturers for easy access to support resources and tools for HP printers and PCs.

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You can specify in a software policy the packages and patches to be installed, and the configurations to be applied to the managed servers. Personalized support Manage your connected HP devices from the My devices tab. Compliance based on Audit Policy.

It enables you to perform the same action such as installing patches and remediating servers on all of the servers simultaneously, instead of performing the action on individual servers, one at a time.

Simplified Automated Installation b.

The following are some of the very useful tools that are part of HPSA. Sign in required to view subscribed SmartFriend services. In addition, each SA agent periodically contacts the model repository and registers itself, which allows the model repository to keep track of the machine status, and know when particular servers are disconnected from and reconnected to the network.


The core provides the functionality that automates servers and application management.

HP Support Assistant | HP® United Kingdom

Built-in support for your PCs and printers. Server Automation has two editions: When launching a job in SA client, you specify when job runs to either run at immediately or specified time in future. With this feature, you can find hlsa where, specifically, the server is out of compliance and remediate the server. You can configure your options to install updates automatically or to notify you when updates are available.

HPSA is used to bring entire server hpsz both physical and virtual under one management to gain full visibility to all your servers and operations. It mainly has Core and Agent as part of its architecture.

When HP PC Hardware Diagnostics is installed, it can be launched directly from HP Support assistant to test components, such as your hard drive and memory, and identify potential hardware related issues.

Automatic updates Improve the performance and reliability of hpea PCs and printers with automatic firmware and driver updates.

HPSA Basics: 10 Reasons to Use HPSA HP Server Automation to Manage Servers

Ordering of Custom Script rules. Use this Contact Form to get in touch me with your comments, questions or suggestions about this site.

Notify me of new comments via email. Automatic updates Improve the performance and reliability of your PCs and printers with automatic firmware and driver hpwa. Now, there is feature in SA that automates the script execution process and the scripts are executed on all the servers that you hpda without having login to each server.


Just create a new ID or sign in with your existing credentials and you’ll have access to your registered devices.

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Full Microsoft Offline Catalog Support wsusscn2. A Device group acts as a container for a collection of servers.

Custom attributes now h directly on OSBP. But the bones of this product are good, and for us we dont have the luxury of free choice… they won a competitive process so we are using them.

Installation and Upgrade a. Maintain your HP devices with automated support, updates, and fixes. For more information about HP Software solutions, visit www. For example, Audio Check can diagnose and help fix issues if you having trouble hearing sound from your computer.

SA uses a central repository called the software repository to store patches and organize them in their formats.

SA also maintains a central database that has detailed informed about every server under management, the patches and software installed on the servers, and the patches and software available for installation. By continuing to use this website, you agree to their use.