You are completely exploited as a driver. Hours are generally long and pay is poor – regularly below NMW. The days are very long but if you plan well and get to know the routes then at times it is actually quite enjoyable. Might suit some people but go in with eyes open. They don’t care about who you are at interview and they care even less when you start. In training you will be told you have a controller who will look after your area.

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Seriously if you’re looking to pay the bills look elsewhere. But that’s not gonna pay the bills. You are told in your training that the carry-over will be nearby. Last 2 weeks Not worth working for. Blistered feet, hour days, very poor pay, no back up or support, Abismal Management, false promises during training, True cost and renumeration totally misrepresented. This role involves delivering vehicles on trade plates from one location to another across the UK as well as conducting vehicle inspections.

So I personally would never recommend this company as your potential employer. And their job is based around planning your collections and drop offs and keeping the Milage of the journey low so you don’t end up earning as much.


You may enjoy being sent around the UK to drive cars and that side was enjoyablewhat isn’t is constantly chasing up unpaid jobs and expenses.

You will be on hold for over an hour before your call is connected. Oh and now you’re in Birmingham and collection for the next vehicle is in Wolverhampton, make your own way there, and your not paid for the time that takes.

The system is stacked against the driver. Self employed drivers are treated like idiots, given the worst of the work and expected to accept it or be punished by getting no sself for the following two days. Logistics – Distribution Jobs.

Self Employed Trade Plate Driver Jobs

It aelf true that you may drive some nice carsbut you might get some bad ones as well. Make your way to the collection venue using public transport. And if a car isn’t available because another driver was late, then say goodbye to your earnings for that job.

Trade Plate Driver 3. Logistics – Distribution Jobs in Chippenham. You get paid per delivery, so all your travel time is at your cost.

Register your CV from: Bac put so much time and effort in and are left out of pocket most of the time. Do not believe anything you are told in training.


I have worked for BCA for almost three years. Our cookie policy describes how we use cookies and how to disable them. It can take up to an hour to get through to anyone on the phone. I wonder if that would be the case if I had an accident.

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So I personally would never recommend this company as your potential employer. Job title, keywords or company name Town, county, region optional.

Was this review helpful? Drivers have zero backup.

Being sent to the wrong postcode doesn’t help nor does the appalling attitude of some hub staff when you call for assistance. You are completely exploited as a driver.

The only thing positive I’ve heard from the other drivers is ‘you get to drive nice cars’. You pre pay all train, bus and taxi fares then claim it back following completion of the job. But that’s not gonna pay the bills.